3 Steps For Finding Keywords For Local Search

Did you know that in 2022, 87% of people used search engines to find local stuff? When you’re looking for nearby places or services, you usually turn to search engines, right? Well, to make sure your business appears in the list of top search results, when people search locally, you need to use specific words on your website.

These special words, called local keywords, include phrases related to your location. Using local keywords is important for getting more local customers and making your website more valuable by improving its position in SERPs (search engine result pages). But how do you find these important local keywords?

In this article we’ll talk about the major three steps that how to find the keywords for local Search? So lets start;

1. Find Your Area

The first step in finding local SEO keywords is figuring out where you want to attract customers. You need to choose the places you want to focus on for local searches. This means using keywords related to areas close to your business or where you provide services.

For example, let’s say you run an event planning business in Miami. If you offer your services in Miami and nearby neighborhoods, you’ll want to include local SEO for places like Miami Beach and Coral Gables. Making sure you include all the areas you serve is important so you can connect with people in those places and grow your business.

2. Include Keyword Modifiers

When you’re trying to make sure people in Miami can easily find your business online, using keyword modifiers can really help. These modifiers add extra details to your main keywords, and gain the right kind of visitors. Here are four types of keyword modifiers you can use:

  • Special Offering Modifiers: These show off what’s different about your business. Words like “exclusive,” “all-inclusive,” or “eco-friendly” can catch people’s attention. For example, you could aim for searches like “exclusive spas in Miami” or “eco-friendly hotels in Miami.”
  • Quality Modifiers: These show how good your business is. Words like “best” or “top” can make your business stand out. For example, you might use phrases like “best pizza places in Miami” or “top-rated gyms in Miami Beach.”
  • Type Modifiers: These highlight what makes your business special. If you have a unique venue, consider words like “rooftop,” “beachfront,” or “historic.” For instance, you might want to be found for searches like “rooftop bars in Miami” or “historic tours in Miami.”
  • Occasion Modifiers: These help you target specific events or times of the year. This includes terms like “summer,” “Valentine’s Day,” or “local festivals.” So, you could aim for searches like “summer camps in Miami” or “Valentine’s Day gifts in Downtown Miami.”

By adding these keyword modifiers to your Miami-focused SEO strategy, you’ll make it easier for locals to find you when they’re searching for exactly what you offer. This can help bring more people to your business and increase your chances of making sales.

3. Focus on Industry Related Keywords

When you’re looking for the right words to increase your business online, it’s important to focus on words that relate to what you do.

Imagine you see lots of people searching for “places to buy manufacturing equipment in Miami.” Even if you’re in a different business, like making software, you might try to use that phrase on your website to get more visitors.

But when those visitors come to your site, they realize it’s not about manufacturing equipment at all. They can leave your site in just a few seconds. It makes a bad impression not only on the visitor who visits your site but also on your search engine ranking. Because Google finds users don’t stay on your site more than just seconds. 

That’s bad for two reasons: you don’t get any new customers, and Google notices lots of people leaving your site quickly. It thinks your site isn’t very helpful, so it might show it to fewer people in the future.

Instead, focus on words that match what you actually do. For example, if you make software, use phrases like:

  • Miami software services
  • Software developers in Miami
  • Software companies in Miami
  • Custom software makers in Miami

This way, the people who find your site are more likely to be interested in what you offer, and you’ll get more of the right kind of customers.

Lastly, Don’t overlook the power of local search keywords – they’re key to expanding your business. They help more people in your area find your company online and increase the chances of getting more money.  

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