3 Ways SEO Will Help Your Branding Efforts

Some marketers think branding and SEO are different, but they actually go hand in hand. They both depend on similar things, so improving one can help the other. Making your branding stronger can also increase your SEO, and the other way around. Understanding how SEO and branding work together is important for a successful marketing plan.

What Sets Them Apart?

Before getting into specifics, it’s crucial to know the difference between branding and SEO.

  • SEO is like a way to advertise your website, but branding is about the message and image of your business.
  • SEO brings people to your site and introduces them to your company, while branding is about the ideas and feelings people associate with your business.
  • Think of marketing channels like SEO as ways to tell people about your brand. Branding happens through different marketing efforts, but branding isn’t the same as marketing.

How SEO Will Help Your Brand Efforts?

1. SEO Helps to Shaping the Brand

While marketers often think they control how people see their brand, it’s really shaped by what customers think. Imagine you start a company called “Superior Stationery,” wanting to be known for top-quality stationery. But if customers love your notebooks but not your pens, your brand might become known as “the great notebook company.”

However, you can still shape your brand’s direction using SEO. By researching keywords and creating relevant content, you can connect your brand with specific search terms. For example, if you want to be a top office supplies brand, you’d focus on keywords like “office supplies” and “office pens,” not ones like “comfy office chair.”

So, using smart SEO strategies can help steer how people perceive your brand, keeping it in line with your goals.

2. SEO & Branding Are Two Paths Leading to the Same Destination

Both SEO and branding want to make your business more visible and profitable by making it an expert in its field. So, just focusing on SEO without also boosting your brand won’t work well. It’s like following a step-by-step plan.

In building your company’s online authority, both SEO and branding use similar tactics. For example, getting other respected websites to link to yours is important for SEO. The more links you have, the higher your website shows up in search results. When your website ranks higher, more people see your brand and it becomes stronger.

3. Brand Amplification

Once your brand gains a lot of attention, using SEO is super important to target keywords related to your brand. This helps your brand get seen more and become more trusted.

“Brand amplification” is a change Google made a few years back. It gives special treatment to searches for well-known brands, often putting lots of links from the same website on the first page.

Before, just getting two links on the first page was a big deal. But now, because of brand amplification, some companies get 6-8 links on the first page!

This shows how doing good SEO can make your brand really strong.

Ready to Supercharge Your Branding Efforts

To make your brand stronger, it’s important to use SEO. This is the best way to get more people to see your brand online.

The great thing about SEO is that you can do it yourself! You can start by reading our blog guide to SEO or our checklist for making your website more SEO-friendly.

If you don’t have the time or skills to do SEO yourself, we can help! Alphocks Infotech, our team of experts has lots of experience in helping brands grow using SEO and other digital marketing techniques.

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