What Is Google SEO?

Search engine optimization is all about helping Google to understand what is about your website and its content, help searchers to find you easily when they search on google related to your stuff. SEO works with strategies and that strategies follow the google algorithms’ rules. They all work together and increase the website’s visibility. 

Google is a King of the SEO world so, It’s crucial to know what is google SEO? Google SEO is the procedure that helps websites to reach out near the top of the search results. By using SEO, nowadays millions of websites are ranking higher and earning money. It not only makes for better ROI or ranking higher, but also makes a good reputation for businesses in the eyes of search engines and users.    

What is Google Algorithm?

Google’s algorithm is complex, it’s hard to understand and not everyone’s cup of tea. As long as someone tries to understand it, it changes. Every time it uses a different and tricky formula to choose which one website should be shown on top of the search results. Most of the time goggle algorithm pays attention to website content, how useful it is? Is it covering the whole info that searchers are searching? and so on. Google algorithms can be tricky but if you are following the rule then no one can stop your website from showing up higher.  

Key Factors In Google SEO

1. Keywords

When it comes to Google SEO, Keyword research should be the first step because there should be something relevant to your website, when people search in search engines then google finds your website easily through your targeted keywords.   

When you use the right keywords in your website content, it helps more people find your site when they search. But you’ve got to be smart about it—use keywords naturally into your content, headings, & meta tags. Stuffing too many keywords in can get you in trouble.

2. Useful Content

Useful content means, create a content that covers everything once about a topic. Like the keywords. Content should be easy to understand that google and users can read without any problem, using simple words. The content should be valuable, relevant, informative and original.  

3. Optimize Content

Now, let’s focus on improving each page of your website by centering it around just one keyword. If you want to see rapid improvement you must use a long-tail keyword in your content. The long-tail keywords don’t have high search volume because everyone focuses on short-tail keywords rather than log phrases. These phrases face less competition, which means it can be a big opportunity for businesses who want swift results.  

Whether you use a long phrase or not, making your page good for Google search is just the same. This small Goggle SEO list will make sure your page is set up right for search engines.

  • In Starting: It is important to use keywords in the starting 100 words of the content at least once. 
  • In Title Tags: From a google SEO point of view, you must need to include keywords in title tags.
  • In URL pages: While your title tag is more crucial, it’s still a good idea to include your keyword once in your page’s web address (URL).
  • In H1 & H2 Subheader: This shows Google that your page is all about that keyword and subject.
  • In Rich Image Filenames & Alt Text: Making images better isn’t very crucial, but it can make a difference.
  • Add Internal Links: Internal links can make it easier for Google to discover, explore, and list more of your website’s pages (which can also boost their position in search results). Using anchor text with keywords in your internal links can earn you extra points.
  • Synonyms & Related Terms: Make sure to include different versions of your main keyword on your webpage. For instance, if your main keyword is “Flower shop in California,” also include similar phrases like “Buy flowers in California” and “best flower shop in California.”
  • Structure Data: Using structured data, which is like a blueprint for organizing information on your website, can make your site show up with extra useful details in search results.

4. Link Building & Outreach

Link building is important in SEO because it allows your website to link to others and take your stand with reputable websites. It can be tough but as difficult as it is, it’s equally beneficial and important for increasing your site’s visibility. Linking your site to other trustworthy websites provides an opportunity to get more visitors and make more purchases.   

5. User Experience

In Google SEO you need to pay more attention to UX, because Google always notices which website is good at providing best services and how to make their customers happy and satisfied. For this you need to work on your website like, its loading speed, crawling, good at mobile phones and more. If you do this then no doubt you will rank soon in search results. 

Google SEO plays an important role in improving site visibility and making sure that people find you easily. If you use effective strategies and follow the SEO rules, you can really get organic traffic on your site in a short time. When you get the traffic, automatically  your sales will increase and get better ROI. 

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